The Left Speaks – Ouch!

The following are actual comments made by leftists, socialists, progressives, Marxists, “moderates,” Democrats, etc. to the Tea Party.  In some cases, the Tea Party will respond.  Our intention is not to cast aspersions on their opinions, but to simply explain the official KCTP position regarding the subject they have chosen to speak out about. 

We believe in free speech for all and welcome new submissions.  If you are a leftist from either party and would like to contribute to this page, you may do so by going to the Contact KCTP tab.  All submissions will be posted anonymously. The KCTP alone decides what will or will not be published. (Misspellings, grammar, and punctuation errors are that of the authors.)


WTF is a snowflake???

You told me what a bigot you are now. Your views a not valid.

More feces from the lying monkeys.

This group co-opted the Tea Party name but do not have any affiliation with the basic tenets of the Tea Party. Just be aware that their tactics and admonitions are guided by large money and agendas.

TP: Each and every TP is autonomous from all others, and each group decides what positions they will take. We frequently work together but there is no official connection between any of us.  No “National Tea Party” or TP headquarters exists that oversees local organizations.  There are large, nationwide TP groups, but they are separate from the local organizations who have little, if anything, to do with them.

YOU and your cliquish leadership group are not entitled to co-opt the true purpose of the Foundational Tea Party.

You apparently represent the WORST of the bigoted, close minded, power hungry misguided Tea Party in Kaufman County. When you can even approach my . . . [edited to protect the identity of the author], THEN you might develop the wisdom and judgement to truly contribute to the National Tea Party goals and objectives.

Do you believe that al Queda a Communist smoke screen? If you don’t, according to KTP, you are a leftist. The childish behavior comes with name calling and an assurance that they know how the other person thinks and feels.

Are all of you Kaufman Tea Party so-called leaders so thin-skinned and ill informed?  I will CERTAINLY now leave no stone unturned to expose the true nature of the Power-Hungry “King maker” mentality that exists within your little click.  You can all wear THAT with pride!

The Kaufman County Tea Party “vetting committee” (which by the way was a STAPLE function of the early Nazi Party) . . .

When seemingly irrational people such as you morph into an over-arching zealot striking out at anyone that doesn’t jump into lockstep with your personal agenda or beliefs you become the very oppressive force you profess to rail against.

The Tea Party in Kaufman County needs to rid itself of over bearing, off-message, character assassinating, wanna-be “King-Makers” like you.

You are an idealistic zealot. You have to single out candidates that simply won’t kiss your power hungry ring. I hope NO KAUFMAN COUNTY CANDIDATE plays into your domineering and subversive agenda.

I will NEVER condone your oppressive, manipulative and individually demeaning conduct in the political arena. You Steering Committee types are not so different from the ultra-libs of the far left. You are not deterred by ethics, dissenting opinion or facts to the contrary.

Press on into the darkness.