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Voting Observations on Texas Independence Day 2018

I started my day at 6:15 AM at the Mesquite polling place in downtown, just south of Mesquite High School.

At about 7:00 AM two groups of what looked to be mainly 20 to 30-year-old ladies, began gathering in front of the polling area. They were teachers organizing to cheer their colleagues on to vote against Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and any other conservative on the ballot.  I suppose that they had their voter guides with them.  Like most Democrats, they are well organized as you will soon see.

Most of them left by 7:30 to go to work.

Shortly after, I left Mesquite to head to the Sub-Courthouse in Forney.

I have been a resident of Forney since 1970 and involved in local, state, and national politics for most of that time.

After arriving, I took my position along with those from other campaigns. I looked for old friends who are reliable voters, but saw none until after 3:00. While there, I observed voting patterns.

We took a break at lunch and talked to a few voters at a local café. Most were 25 to 30-year-olds. I asked them about voting for Senator Bob Hall. One responded, “I gotta look at my voter guide.  My wife is a teacher and we have strict instructions.”

After school let out, groups of teachers began arriving.  We recognized these people as teachers because they were wearing school lanyards and name tags.

It was steady stream until 5:00 PM. The line of voters was out the door. Over 500 hundred voted.  The number was nearly 400 Republicans and 100 Democrats.

The election judge said that the number of Republican voters was up compared to four years ago, and Democrat voters as well.

I suspect that the number of Republican voters are up because of Democrat crossover. Since Obama left office and Hillary lost the election, they have been extremely motivated to get their agenda back on track, and they are coming for us all.  We haven’t had a hundred Democrat voters to vote in one day at one polling place in years. This is very disturbing and does not bode well for America’s future.

After leaving the Forney polling place, Senator Hall, his wife Kay, my wife Sonia and I, attended a fish fry at St. Martin’s Catholic Church. There were friends there who have daughters who are teachers. The first said that her daughter was told not to vote for any conservatives, and that their main target is Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. The other friend said that her daughter’s principal had actually called her on the phone and questioned her about her voting preference.

Also on Friday, I was told on two occasions by various candidates that it would not do any good to engage voting teachers. They had all been given their marching orders, and they fully intended to carry them out to the letter.

For the previous ten days of early voting I had discovered bits and pieces of the “education” strategy – but hadn’t seen it in action anything like what I witnessed on Friday.

We knew that this organized effort was in the works but were uncertain about the teachers’ ability to pull it off. All doubts have been erased. Of major concern is the aggressive and intrusive involvement of superintendents and local school administrators.

This big-government political strategy has been at work for years. Their devotion to socialist ideals is likely going to be as successful as it is dangerous.

Their efforts have everything to do with turning Texas blue, and remember, as Texas goes, so goes the nation!

Socialists have had their sights set on America’s unparalleled freedoms for almost a century. Among their goals:

  • Eliminate prayer in schools.
  • Do away with oaths of loyalty. Examples: the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.
  • Get control of public education. Use schools as transmission belts for socialism. Downgrade the curriculum. Get control of teacher associations and unions and use them as the point of the spear to manipulate teachers.
  • Make conservatives an enemy.  Target principled conservative candidates for defeat.
  • Replace fact and logic with emotion to win hearts and minds.
  • Convince followers and anyone who will listen that constitutional conservatives are out to get them and “destroy education.”
  • Make competition the enemy. Examples: charter schools, private schools, vouchers, and homeschooling. Ask yourself: If Kroger were the only grocery store in existence, what would grocery shopping be like?
  • Make accountability and oversight an enemy.
  • Maintain and tighten their grip on education in ways unknown to the voting public. Example: use only one consulting agency, controlled by Establishment Education, to hire superintendents for the northeast Texas area. This controls WHO is in charge.
  • Recruit unscrupulous politicians who will do their bidding to run for office. Why do you think Lance Gooden constantly goes to bat for Establishment Education?  Definitely not because he wants Texas children to get a world-class education!

Conservative Texans!  While failing miserably to educate our children, the Big Education strategy to turn Texas into a predominantly Democrat state hit its apex during this election cycle.  They are achieving Hillary’s goals without her.

In terms of the voting population, consider that in most small towns and cities throughout Texas, the biggest employer is the local school district. This includes Forney, Terrell, Crandall, Scurry, Kaufman, Kemp, and Mabank in our county alone. When you include all Texas counties, this makes for a huge, monolithic voting bloc for Democrats. There are more conservatives than there are liberal “educators,” but because conservatives vote in small numbers, their orchestrated attack on freedom will be difficult to defeat.

The Tea Party is frequently castigated by corrupt, big government Republicans for not sticking to the original goals set at the founding of our movement: reducing the size of government, reducing government spending, lowering the national debt, and opposing tax increases, as if they supported those things themselves.  We still support and work to achieve those goals. What our critics have either forgotten or never realized, is that the social issues are the foundation for everything else.  If the foundation fails, those “original goals,” and the education of our children, will go down with it.

The election of President Trump gave conservatives a unique opportunity to work to beat back the wildly successful socialist offensive.  So far, we have squandered it.  This must end.

Take a stand against special interests and bully educators. Let’s make Texas’ students a top priority.

Ray Myers
March 2, 2018

Ray is a retired educator, patriotic American, native Texan, and Chairman of the Kaufman County Tea Party.


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