“Conservative Lance Gooden: Proven Fighter, Feared by Liberals”

State Representative Lance Gooden is running for the US Congress.  He plans on winning the race the same way he got elected to the state rep office: with lies.

Have you seen his latest mailer?  It is PACKED. Let’s take a look:

Conservative Lance Gooden:”

Nazi Joseph Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” This is a “lie big enough” to move continents! It is a tried and true method used by unscrupulous politicians over the decades and is part and parcel of Gooden’s strategy.  It worked well in his other campaigns, so he using it again for this one.  If you believe that Gooden is a conservative, look at his record.  His “conservative” rhetoric does not line up with his voting record and it is well documented: Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link

Proven Fighter

This is true, he is a fighter.  But like most lies, it’s half true and half-baked.  He fights, but only for himself, not us.  Again look at the record.

Feared by Liberals

Feared? Feared? Gooden isn’t feared by liberals!  They love him and he loves them back!  Of all his lies, this one takes the prize for being the most absurd.  Speaker Joe Straus was forced to resign his speakership because of his liberal policies.  All of this is well documented in the media, including a report about how sorry the Democrats in the Texas Legislature were to see him go, calling it “mourning in Texas” and blaming the “far-right” when it was rank-and-file Republicans from all over the state who finally said, “Enough!”

What was Gooden’s position on our liberal Speaker?

  • “I’m very, very happy and proud to support Speaker Straus.”
  • “I’m very proud to support him [Straus] and grateful for his excellent leadership in Austin.”

After Straus’ resignation, Gooden stopped talking about him.

Liberals fear Lance Gooden??? Why yes! Didn’t you know? Joe Straus was terrified of him. “Oh no! Here comes Christian conservative Lance Gooden! Quick-hide!”

WHY would they be frightened of someone who SUPPORTS them??

Let’s move on.

Lance Gooden is the ONLY candidate with a PROVEN
record against sanctuary cities

What does this mean?  Straus gave an interview before the last Session opened and said that the House would pass a sanctuary cities bill in the upcoming Session.   Why would open-borders Straus support such a bill?  Outsiders can only speculate.  Some say the election of Trump forced his hand.  Others point out that a sanctuary cities bill does nothing to close the border, making it more palatable for leftists.  Whatever the reason, Gooden would not have voted for it had he not had Straus’ permission.

He signed up as a co-sponsor which consists of signing a piece of paper and does not in any way reflect his actions, if any, beyond that and the fact that he voted “yea.”

On one of his websites, he gives the Texas Legislature the credit for passing the bill, not himself:

“Furthermore, the legislature passed a bill that cracks down on sanctuary cities by creating penalties for local entities that adopt or enforce policies prohibiting the enforcement of immigration laws.”

Guess he wasn’t running for Congress when they wrote that.

His mailer goes on to state that “because he banned sanctuary cities in Texas . . ..”  If all you knew was what Gooden told you, you could reasonably assume from this statement that he single-handedly led the charge. Not so.  He was doing what swamp creatures do when they’re in the swamp.

Democrats Don’t Want Lance Gooden in Congress

The Democrats with “Ds” by their names may not want him, but they would much rather have him than a genuine conservative like Jason Wright.  The Democrats with “Rs” by their names, like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, would love to have Gooden in Congress. He will be welcomed with open arms and fit right in! Paul Ryan rejoice!

“Christian Conservative Lance Gooden”

Once again, Gooden refers to himself as a “Christian.”  More important than what kind of conservative his is, is what kind of a Christian habitually lies?  Has he never read in Proverbs 6 that the Lord hates a lying tongue?  Or  Exodus 20:16?

Jesus warns us in Matthew 7 about false prophets and that they can be identified “by their fruits.”

If Gooden wins his race in the Primary, he will be as good as elected.  He will make out like a bandit and we will pay the price, along with the rest of America.  If you want to drain the swamp, vote for real a Christian Conservative like Jason Wright, not a man who has built his entire career on deception.

Kaufman County Tea Party
February 4, 2018

Congressional Candidate Lance Gooden



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