Save the Alamo: Vote for Davey

I have filed my 30-day campaign finance report. My supporters have contributed a significant amount for me to make it through January.

Unfortunately, I am in my last stretch of the campaign for the Primary, which is the most strenuous on my family and finances. I will be covering all parts of Texas in the next four weeks; from Houston to Bandera to DFW to Amarillo and all parts in between.

Now is the time for Texans to take a serious look at the race for Texas Land Commissioner. You have a choice to allow a “reimagine” plan to alter the historical integrity and future of the Alamo and let the General Land Office responsibilities falter due to lack of interest from the current commissioner, or you can choose a qualified, passionate, Texan to preserve the Alamo and restore the integrity of the GLO.

But the rest of the voters of Texas may never know about this unless we can get the message to them. It is time! Contribute today to my campaign and Texans can have their voices heard and can save their Alamo.

Remember the Alamo and remember to Vote for Davey Edwards as the next Texas Land Commissioner.

Davey Edwards


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