Update from Our Senator Hall on I635 East Improvement Project

Finally, we are possibly only one step away from having Interstate 635 East Highway being expanded as a non-tolled road. It was a watershed moment for the people of Texas at the Texas Transportation Commission hearing this week. All of the major players, including TxDot, local officials and the RTC, testifying in agreement with me that I-635 East could in fact be expanded as a non-tolled road.

The preliminary design is completed, all environmental clearances are in place, and enough funding to build as a non-tolled road has been identified. The only thing preventing TxDot from immediately starting this badly needed project is the failure of the Transportation Commission to approve the project.

I, like the overwhelming majority of Texans, hope the Transportation Commission will be quickly forthcoming with an approval. Delaying the project is costing the taxpayers of Texas approximately $5 million every month the project is delayed, and the exceptionally high accident rate, which is costing lives and money, will unnecessarily continue.

Senator Bob Hall


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