Burkett Says One Thing, Donations Another

The latest Texas Ethics Commission filings are now out.  For those who don’t know, candidates are required to report all donations to their campaigns over the last 6 months, give or take.

“Conservative, pro-life” state senate candidate Cindy Burkett’s donors seem to suggest that she may not be as conservative and pro-life as she would have the voters of (state) District 2 believe.

Among contributors to the 2018 Burkett campaign are:

Associated Republicans of Texas PAC. $35,900

ART is a pro-amnesty group known for contributing to liberal Republicans.  Texas Transparency lists their top 10 donations for the 2016 election cycle, all of whom are liberals with an R beside their names.  Among them are:

  • DeWayne Burns

Burns received more money from ART than any other candidate, $35,000.  Yet in this election cycle, they have given Cindy Burkett even more, $35,900.  And there could be more to come.  Senator Bob Hall has received no money from ART.  They are all in for Cindy.

  • Sarah Davis

A non-partisan, scientific study was done in 2017. Each state rep was rated as to how conservative or liberal they are based on their voting record–not their rhetoric.  Among Republicans, Sarah Davis came in dead last among her 94 colleagues, as the most liberal Republican in the Texas House.  Democrat Wendy Davis earned the moniker Abortion Barbie when she ran for governor in 2014.  So devoted to abortion is Sarah Davis that some call her the Republican Abortion Barbie.  ART gave her $30,000.

  • Jason Villalba

In the same study mentioned above, Villalba scored a 79 out of 94 Republicans.  This means that 78 out of 94 Republicans in the Texas House are more conservative than he is.  He has made a career of sabotaging conservative legislation in Austin. ART gave him $20,000.

Senator Hall has received nothing from ART.

Texas Association of Business $10,000

TAB used to be a statewide chamber of commerce.  However, inexplicably they decided that pandering to the LGBT lobby is good for business.   They opposed the bill that would forbid men and boys from using women’s and girl’s restrooms, fitting rooms and showers, even in schools!  They paid for and promoted a biased, non-scientific “study” showing that Texas would lose billions of dollars in business if the common sense, pro-public safety bill passed.

In the past, they have contributed very little money to candidates.  Now that the Left is in charge, they have become much more generous.  Cindy Burkett supports dollars over daughters and TAB has rewarded her with a $10,000 donation.  They have contributed nothing to Senator Hall’s campaign.

Charles Butt $20,000

Charles Butt is the billionaire owner of the HEB grocery store chain.  He has donated prolifically to leftists in both parties.  In Texas alone, HEB has done $2.89 billion in food stamp business.  Consequently, he opposes candidates who support welfare reform.  In the last presidential election, he voted in the Democrat Primary.  Most of his donations go to Texas House races. He leans heavily towards supporting Joe Straus and his lackeys. Burkett is a loyal follower of Joe Straus and got $20,000 from Butt. Her opponent, Senator Hall, got nothing.

The above entities are among Cindy Burkett’s biggest donors. They support candidates who are open-borders, pro-abortion, and pro-welfare.

Cindy tells us that she is a conservative but these guys don’t think so and are willing to pay for it.

Facts don’t lie.  Is Cindy Burkett a conservative, as she claims?

You decide.

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