Gooden Caught Lying Again

In the 2016 Republican Primary, the Kaufman County Republican Party hosted a candidate forum in Kaufman on February 12th.  Candidates from all the races were there and the room was packed. 

Attendees were permitted to ask questions.  One of them stood and asked Lance Gooden, who was running for State Representative, the following question:

“Did you take money from mega democrat donor Steve Mostyn or any of his PACs that he funds? The same mega-donor who supports Barak Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Wendy Davis and Turn Texas Blue?  If you have ever taken money from him or one of his PACS, how can you consider yourself a conservative?  Did you ever take money from him, whether it’s been now or in the past?”

WHO was Steve Mostyn?  Mostyn, who committed suicide last year, was a Houston trial lawyer as well as one of the state’s largest donors to Democrats.  He made his money off of hurricane insurance claims, so much so that he was known as “Hurricane Steve.”  He was also known as the “George Soros of Texas.”

His PACs through which he funneled money to Democrats are:

  • Back to Basics
  • House Democratic Campaign Committee
  • Texans for Insurance Reform
  • Texans for Public Education,
  • Texas Forward Committee
  • Turn Texas Blue
  • Valley Political Action Committee
  • Conservative Voters of Texas
  • Texans for Individual Rights

Hear Gooden’s response to the question for yourself:

If you go to the Texas Ethics Commission pages 15, 16 & 17and look at Lance’s past financial reports, you will find that in 2010 he received $46,211.85 from Mostyn PAC Texans for Insurance Reform.  This information is recorded with the TEC as is required by state law.


WHY would a Democrat mega-donor contribute to a “conservative” Republican like Lance Gooden? 

You might want to ask him yourself but first, you will have to get him to admit to it.  

If he won’t be honest about who supports him, what else is he keeping from us?

Now Gooden wants us to promote him to the United States Congress.

Is he really the conservative that he bills himself as?

You decide.

The swamp is already overflowing. Does President Trump really need a congressman like Lance Gooden?

Kaufman County Tea Party
January 2018

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