The Rest of the Story

Cindy Burkett and her supporters are bragging about Cindy making Planned Parenthood’s “Enemies List,” adding that her opponent, Senator Bob Hall, did not.

This sounds very serious.  Bob Hall is a devoted and steadfast supporter of life from conception through natural death.  Right?

What’s going on?

RINOs like Burkett tell us what they want us to know, and omit what they don’t. 

So what’s she not telling us?

First of all, there is no “Enemies List.”  There is a Chumps and Champs post on the Planned Parenthood Votes website and Cindy is listed as a “chump.”  They are upset over her sponsorship of  SB 8 which “prohibits the donation of fetal tissue from abortion to medical research, mandates the burial or cremation of fetal tissue,” and bans second-trimester abortions.  So far, so good.

If you go to the Texas Legislature Online website and look up SB 8, you will find that it had 5 Primary Authors, 16 Coauthors,  4 Joint Sponsors, 77 Cosponsors, and ONE Sponsor, Cindy.  Add them all up and you have 103 authors and sponsors. There are 9 other “chumps” listed.  If you add their names, you get an unwieldy grand total of 112 names.

They want to draw attention to, and express their extreme dissatisfaction with, SB 8 and chose Cindy because she was the lone sponsor.  It has much more to do with brevity & SB 8 than Cindy’s pro-life credentials.  

If Planned Parenthood had listed everyone whose name is on the bill, the post would be so long that no one would read it.  It would have been so long that there would have been no room for the “Champs” list.  We can’t have that now can we?

Oh and by the way, Senator Hall’s name is found on the Coauthor list.  So I guess that makes him a “chump” too.  Add to that that Cindy might not be as pro-life as she wants you to think, and the choice for pro-life voters is clear.

“And now you know the rest of the story.” Paul Harvey

Kaufman County Tea Party


  1. Dr. Joe Pojman

    Representative Burkett’s “award” from Planned Parenthood was indeed well deserved. She has a very long history of being a pro-life leader in the Texas House. In her first session in 2011, she was a co-author of an amendment to the Appropriations Act that shifted millions of tax dollars away from Planned Parenthood. In 2013 she authored the critical part of HB 2 that was responsible for closing more than a dozen abortion facilities. In 2017, she sponsored SB 8 that banned partial-birth abortions and shut down Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of baby body parts. Here is a summary of the huge accomplishment of the Legislature in 2017. Those include 10 pro-life bills, continued funding for alternatives to abortion, and continued defunding of Planned Parenthood:

  2. Bourgeois (Post author)

    The Tea Party appreciates any representative who fights for life, including Ms. Burkett. However, Texas Alliance for Life is a fake pro-life organization that was created by the infamous Joe Straus, of whom Burkett is a lackey. Politicians who are weak, to one degree or another, on life use TXAfL to provide cover to deceive voters into thinking they are something that they are not, a habit of RINOcrats. Bob Hall, on the other hand, supports ALL life including the lives of the disabled, from conception to natural death, a claim that Ms. Burkett cannot accurately make.


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