Beware of Fake Voter Guides

In the last Republican Primary, a small group of corrupt politicians running for office and a few of their supporters (members all of the Kaufman County RINO Cartel) got together and printed and mailed a fake voter guide to the voters of Kaufman and Henderson Counties.  Thousands of conservative voters were fooled and cast their ballot for liberals, who subsequently won most of the races.

Fake voter guides are nothing new.  They have been used all over the state.  A few people get together.  One of them is the “treasurer” as required by law, and a few others (in some cases only one person) put up the money.  Pristine websites go up that make them look like a legitimate political advocacy organization.  Yet there are no members, no meetings, and no one knows who they are.  

This despicable tactic showed up here during the Republican Primary in February 2016. 

If you were fooled by it, don’t feel bad.  They employed seemingly plausible devices to convince you that they were the real deal.

First was the lingo used.  They called it the “Christian Constitutional Conservative,”  knowing that these buzzwords, if you will, resonate with most Kaufman County voters. 

To convince us that they were Christian, they included 3 references to religion, all of which were designed to mislead.  One was “In GOD we TRUST.”  There is little room for God when He has to compete with the all-consuming pursuit of power and money.  

The second & third reference is the scripture found in II Samuel 23:3 which states that those who rule over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.  If the people responsible for this deception had any fear of God, they wouldn’t be using scripture to deceive people into thinking that they are something that they’re not.  There could well be true believers within the Cartel.  To those individuals, I would suggest a prayerful reading of II Corinthians 6:14 – 17.

The inspiring picture on the front of the Bible lying on top of an American flag was added to give it the right look.

Next, they endorsed a mix of conservative and liberal candidates.  Most of the statewide candidates were conservatives.  But most of the local candidates were liberals. 

A total of sixteen names were listed. Of that number, 10 were statewide.  Of the six local races, five were RINOs and one, while by all reports was a standup guy, was overtly unqualified to serve as commissioner, yet won his race because of this voter guide.  He resigned nearly two months later without having served a single day as commissioner.  His candidacy had the Cartel’s fingerprints all over it. 

We all know that liberals are neither constitutional nor conservative.  But they work very hard to make you think they are, this voter guide being Exhibit A.

Who exactly was responsible for this disinformation? 

On the mailing panel, in the return address section, it states, “Political Advertising Paid for by Conservative Republicans of Kaufman County PAC.”

Who are the Conservative Republicans of Kaufman County?  Sounds like a group of people who have come together to promote conservative Republicans for public office.  Do they host meetings or sponsor events?  Do they have a website? Well, not exactly.  

I looked and can find nothing about this mysterious group except the financial report they submitted to the Texas Ethics Commission, as required by law.  Their report lists five entities.  Their treasurer is a Terrell RINO.  The other four are as follows:

  • The Texas Deer Association in Austin contributed $3000 of their members’ dues.  Inquiring minds are wondering what interest an out-of-county organization that bills itself as “the unified voice of deer enthusiasts” has in local elections in Kaufman County.  I can understand their interest in the statewide races, but why here?  TDA members should demand an explanation. Deer hunting was never an issue in the Primary.
  • Ronald Hamilton from Frisco. He owns Southwest Crushing in Mesquite. He contributed an in-kind donation worth $3000.
  • Next is Keith Thompson of Kaufman. He contributed $6,500 in-kind.  His generosity was rewarded with a front-page headline and a no-news article in the local paper about his business moving its Kaufman location to Forney.
  • Lastly, Document Management Pros of Carrollton contributed $3000.

I can appreciate people who live here (two of the five) having an interest in local races, but why the others?  That’s a very good question that deserves an answer.

Tellingly, this voter guide was sent to all registered voters in Kaufman and Henderson Counties, yet only one candidate was running for an office that exclusively represents those two counties: Lance Gooden, who is now running for Congress.  Senator Cruz was running for president, and also tellingly, his race was left off.  They ignored the most important and high profile race of the Primary. Why?  We suspect that had they included the presidential race, they would have endorsed Jeb Bush, which would have exposed their “Constitutional Christian Conservative” claim as the fraud that it was. 

Gooden sign intentionally placed to obscure Cruz sign in the 2016 Republican Primary.

Will Kaufman County leftists send out another fake voter guide for the 2018 Primary?  Probably.  To verify voter guides you may receive, feel free to contact us.  We will research it and let you know if it comes from a bona fide group or the wolves in sheep’s clothing that scripture warns us about.*** Or you can just use ours!

BE wise . . . 

Kaufman County Tea Party

*** We choose who to endorse for a variety of reasons. Some of these decisions are very difficult to make.  There are many good people running for office who we did not endorse.  In no way should this be construed as a denigration of those individuals. There are some unsavory individuals running for office, information about which you will find on our website.   If you have any questions about our endorsements, feel free to send them to  Contact KCTP.


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