Candidate Forum: General Land Office Commissioner

When statewide primaries and elections roll around, few of us think of the office of Texas Land Commissioner. 

But this time is different. 

In 2011, the Texas Legislature transferred care of the Alamo, and the authority that goes with it, from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas to the Land Office.

Current Land Commissioner George P. Bush has begun a campaign called “Reimagine the Alamo.”  His plan to change the Alamo experience has alarmed substantial numbers of  Texans, especially in the current context of historical monuments all over the nation–including here in Texas–being defaced and removed.  

The City of San Antonio is attempting to remove the Cenotaph from the Alamo grounds.

The Land Office is charged with “the maintenance of the Alamo and other buildings on Alamo property, their contents, and grounds.”

What becomes of the Cradle of Texas Liberty will depend on who wins the Republican Primary in March.  There are four candidates running for the position:

Incumbent George P. Bush and challengers Davey Edwards, Jerry Patterson, and Rick Range

If elected, how do each of these individuals intend to care for, protect, and preserve Texas’s greatest shrine? 

On January 22nd, Kaufman County voters will have the opportunity to find out for themselves.  

Three of the candidates, Davey Edwards, Jerry Patterson, and Rick Range will explain their positions and take your questions. (George P. Bush was invited but did not respond.)

What: Candidate Forum for Texas General Land Office

Where: Trinity Family Church
1511 W Alamosa Dr, Forney, 75126
I20 @ FM 1641

When: Monday, January 22nd, 7:00 PM

This is your opportunity to personally hear what the candidates have to say and to ask your questions. 

Which is it going to be?

“Remember the Alamo!” or

“Remember the Alamo?”

The answer depends on us.

Public Invited – Admission Free

Sponsored by the Kaufman County Tea Party

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