More Disinformation from Congressional Candidate Lance Gooden

The above picture is making the rounds on Facebook.

Seeing this post, voters could mistakenly assume that Governor Abbott has endorsed Lance Gooden for Congress, or at the very least, that he worked with Gov. Abbott in the Texas House as a supporter of the Governor’s agenda.  In fact, Gooden regularly opposed the Governor’s priorities in the last Session by doing the bidding of Joe Straus.  

The truth is that politicians get their pictures taken with hundreds of people all the time, including their fellow office holders.  This does not an endorsement make.  

Along with the picture is this comment:

“Special interest attack ads are distorting our conservative accomplishments. It’s a sign the swamp doesn’t want us to win. I’m very proud of my work with Governor Abbott and look forward to taking our fight to Washington!”

For Lance Gooden to declare that “special interests” are running attack ads to distort his conservative accomplishments is preposterous. “Special interests” means conservatives, and as for conservative accomplishments, there aren’t any.  He’s very proud of his work “with” Gov. Abbott?  That’s not all he’s proud of:

It is absurd for him to refer to his opposition (grassroots conservatives) as “the swamp.”  We would not be at all surprised if he voted for fellow swamp rat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.  (We know that he opposed Senator Cruz’s presidential bid.) 

More truth:  As a state representative, Lance Gooden worked against the governor, with the possible exception of the sanctuary cities bill. The only reason he went along with it was because Speaker Straus granted permission to his coalition of liberals to support it.  Without Straus’s concession, he would have voted against it, missed the vote, or voted against it and–as he has so many times before–run to the House Journal to register that he intended to vote for it, which in no way would have changed his vote. 

Gooden made no secret of his disdain for the Special Session, which if readers will recall, was called to address a list of conservative items that failed to pass during the Regular Session because Speaker Straus, with the aid of Gooden and his fellow liberals, shut all of them down.  And they did it again with most of the conservative legislation taken up in the Special Session.

Gooden had two opportunities to support the law that restricted cities’ ability to annex property without permission from the people who live there, during the Regular Session.  He ignored both of them.  He then strongly opposed the Special Session, where it was taken up for a third time, and passed.  Kaufman County recently won a battle with the City of Mesquite over this issue. 

Needing an issue to run on, Gooden grandstanded and “led the fight” against Mesquite.  But while he was in Austin, he failed us on this issue.  His failure resulted in giving Mesquite an extra 90 days to accomplish their land grab.  Fortunately, we prevailed but while Gooden takes credit for this success, he can also take credit for not doing his job while in Austin, something he fails to mention. 

If he had had his way, there wouldn’t have been a Special Session and the law would never have been addressed, much less passed.  

Whether it is his opposition to government transparency here and here, voting to wreck the Texas economyopposing bathroom privacy or his support for expanding welfare, his vote for even more toll roads, more debt, or his fake claims of conservativism (see pic above), it is reasonable to assume that if we elect him to represent us in Congress, we will get more of the same He recently said as much

For Gooden to brand himself as a conservative is like saying Hillary Clinton is an honest  person.  ALL of his claims should be taken with a grain of salt until they can be investigated and verified. Don’t let him fool you.

Kaufman County Tea Party

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