Left Preparing to Take Out Conservatives

Fellow Conservatives,

A liberal business organization who doesn’t want enforcement of immigration laws and who oppose our ban on sanctuary cities has declared war on conservative candidates. They are pushing their California-style liberal social policies and have set their sights on Senate District 2.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the Texas Association of Business raised $300,000 and is gearing up to, in their own words “be aggressive in supporting challengers in some races.”

This group is trying to destroy our traditional family values.  They have promised to oppose me no matter who is running. Why? Because I fight for your personal liberties and family values.

Friends, the battle is real and this liberal group is coming after us. They will say anything to win.

Senator Hall appearing on “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Fox News

They are trying to disguise their liberal views as “pro-business” but let me make it clear: these are radicals dressed in a businessman’s clothing. This group wants men to be allowed in showers and locker rooms with little girls, and are the same ones that get angry when people want to screen out criminals in our immigration process. They aren’t pro-business, they’re pro-liberal.

This group is trying to promote their radical views and disguise their liberal positions.

I need your help. Donate $25, $50 or $100 today. It’s critical to have the funds necessary to reach voters and explain to them that liberals are trying to fool them, that they’re about to be lied to about my record, and about the future of the state. With your help, I can warn everyone about their lies and about the things they will do to the state if they get the chance.

For Texas and liberty,


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