Gooden Opposes Effort to Replace Straus with a Conservative

Circa 2008, a group of Democrats and liberal Republicans met privately and selected Joe Straus to be the next Speaker of the Texas House.  Under Straus’s leadership, we watched the obliteration of one conservative bill after another Session, after Session, after Session.  Over the last 9 years, the strategy of liberals in both parties joining forces to outvote conservatives led to countless defeats.

Thanks to the hard work of hundreds of grassroots activists in this great state, a tiny minority of genuine conservatives were elected and, against all odds, are making a real difference!  Through their efforts, Joe Straus was forced to resign.  This was an extraordinary victory, but only a first step.

WHO will replace Straus?  There are still more liberals in the Texas legislature than conservatives.  How do we keep another Straus from being elected as our next Speaker?

Enter the Texas House Freedom Caucus, a group of only 12 men and 1 woman, who through their dedication, smarts, and hard work, have done the impossible and brought Austin’s Left to its knees.  

In Washington DC and most states, the party in power decides who the Speaker will be.  In Texas, members of both parties get to decide, and Texas has paid dearly for it.

The Freedom Caucus organized a December 1st meeting for state Republican representatives to meet and change a bylaw that would allow Republicans to elect the Speaker when they are the party in power, as they now are.

On November 27th, they posted on their website:

We prefer that the Speaker nominee vote in caucus be conducted by secret ballot, as called for by the Republican Party platform, and in keeping with the way all Texans vote for elected officials. The subsequent vote before the full House membership to officially elect the Speaker must always be done openly and publicly as required by the Texas Constitution. We need maximum participation at the December 1st meeting, and we urge all of our Republican House colleagues to attend. (Emphasis ours)

It was vital that as many House members as possible be there.  Without a minimum of  2/3rds of the members in attendance, they could not do anything binding.

There were two ways for a representative to oppose this critically needed change. 1) He or she could attend the meeting and vote against it or 2) not attend.  By not attending, it would increase the likelihood of an insufficient number of members being present to conduct business.

What did “our” “conservative” soundbite hating, Straus-loving, State Representative Lance Gooden do?  He chose Door # 2: He was a no-show. 

Unfortunately for him, as the Texas Tribune put it, “most of the caucus’ 95 members were present,” and the vote was unanimous to change the bylaw.

Irrefutable evidence that Lance Gooden is not a conservative abounds.  This is just one more example as if we needed more.  From his very first term, he supported Joe Straus unwaveringly.  In the last primary, he frequently told his audiences that Straus was a conservative just like he was.  But when you compare the rhetoric to the record, it’s just not there, and no matter how many times it’s repeated whether verbally or in a campaign ad, it’s still a lie.  

He has two conservative opponents in the 2018 Republican Primary, Pastor Marty Reid, and Dr. Stuart Spitzer.  Both are men of integrity who are running to be public servants.  There will be no “For Sale” sign hung around either of their necks.  The Tea Party supports both. 

We have a challenge for all you Gooden supporters out there: 

If your guy is the conservative that he claims to be, prove it.  Send us factual examples of Lance Gooden’s conservativism.  Scroll down this page to where it says “Leave a Comment.” If it’s clean and germane, it will be published. We await your submissions. 

Kaufman County Tea Party


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  1. Ray Myers

    Please correct me if needed. Lance Gooden is the same guy who opposed the Privacy Bill and would allow Grown men in the restrooms with young girls and ladies! In addition, Lance Gooden is the same guy who got his seed money to run for office from the late Trial Lawyer and Obama Supporter Steve Mostyn. Mostyn funded Battle Ground Texas, Wendy Davis, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and a host of other Democrats. If you need the hard proof, contact our Web page and we will deliver!
    Further news about Rep Gooden– he also was working to be the Poster Guy for the opposition against Mesquite’s forced Annexation. Truth is Gooden had two occasions during the regular Session to end these kinds of intrusions and ignored them– then saw a political advantage by opposing this issue. We in our T-party have never wavered. We have opposed this injustice from the beginning. NOT GOODEN! His vote was for sale!

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