Lessons Learned

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance
may deride it, but in the end, there it is. W. Churchill

I have been involved in the Texas liberty movement since 2009.  It’s hard work, but it’s fun too. Over the years I have learned so much.

Because I  speak out freely against socialism and its legions of subscribers, they frequently criticize me.  It’s to be expected and goes with the territory.  Until recently, it was all local. 

But a couple of weeks ago, I posted something on Facebook that so angered the Left that it went nationwide.  I didn’t view my post as political.  I was calling attention to a moral failing.  But as you will see, the Left is heavily invested in moral relativity.  It is part and parcel of their agenda.

How It Started

One morning I was watching WFAA Channel 8 News Daybreak program.  When they went to traffic, there stood the new traffic girl.  I was shocked at what I saw.  She was heavy-set and wearing a dress made for a petite woman.  It was too tight, low-cut, and too short.  Perhaps, it would have been acceptable in a bar or at a party, but a newscast??

I expressed my disgust by posting comments about it on Facebook.  I included the name and a picture of the woman (on the job) that made my point. 

The post stated that the traffic reporter was a size 16/18 in a size 6 dress.  This was not making fun of her weight, nor was it abusive. I even don’t care what she weighs.  I was simply stating a fact.  I am overweight myself.  Why would I make fun of a large person when I have the same problem myself?  My issue was the tiny dress and how it made her look.  No matter, the Left declared me auto-guilty of “body-shaming” her.

Class act: (from left) Anchorman Tracey Rowlett, sports reporter Vern Lundquist, weatherman Troy Dungan, and anchorwoman Iola Johnson.

I am old enough to remember anchors Bob Gooding, Murphy Martin, Tracey Rowlett and Iola Johnson on Channel 8.  They always dressed appropriately for a newscast and looked great.  That was back in the day when Channel 8 was a dignified news outlet with no political agenda.  Those days are gone.

For a couple of days, my friends commented on my post. Some supported my opinion, others supported her. 

The traffic reporter found out about the post and tweeted it out. It alerted hundreds and hundreds of mostly black people from all over the United States who immediately started harassing and threatening me on Facebook.  They accused me of racism (she was black).  Then they started calling my home.

Somehow (probably WFAA), this story of monumental consequence was sent to leftist media outlets all over the country–the idea no doubt was to make an example of me and shut me up. Good luck with that, WFAA.

What Happened

The media ran with it, also accusing me of body-shaming and of being a racist. They did not actually call me a racist, but it was there. They’re good at that.

Among the media elites who couldn’t resist the story of a nobody racist white person body-shaming a local traffic reporter were NBC, ABC, Ebony, Fox News (yes, Fox), and the Dallas Morning News.  Of all the outlets that carried the story, only one bothered to ask for a comment from me: Good Morning America.  I turned them down because I knew that I would not be treated fairly.  They have a template, and they stick to it.  But at least they asked.

There was one other person who called me that actually wanted to get my side of the story.  I’ll get to him in a minute.

And as for Fox, for years I have complained about the way the women on Fox dress—same thing—low cut, too tight, and too short.  I only discussed it privately with friends, so Fox was unaware of it.  Yet “Fair and Balanced” came after me anyway, exhibiting neither. 

If the men on Fox were forced to adhere to the same standard that the women are, they would all wear monochrome Sanremo suits 2-3 sizes too small.  Instead, they get to wear comfortable clothes in their appropriate size.  At Fox, what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. With all the charges of sexual harassment there, being obsessed with sex must be as much a problem behind the cameras as it is in front. 

Seeking Wisdom

I sought God’s will and wisdom through all of this and realized that while my compliant was valid, making it all about one person was not the right thing to do.  America took a hard left turn on it’s way to Sodom, Gomorrah, and ancient Rome decades ago.  The way women dress today is but one tiny cog in a vast machine that now encompasses everything.  I sent WFAA’s traffic reporter an apology for making the whole thing about her because that was wrong.  Don’t know if she got it.  It was never acknowledged, and strangely, the media has lost interest.


Over and over I was accused of “body-shaming” this woman.  Fill-in-the-blank-shaming is the latest trend among the politically correct. It’s another form of virtue-signaling. We now have slut-shaming, mom-shaming, food-shaming, pro-choice-shaming, and victim-shaming.  I even found “red-shaming” which is when you criticize a communist for being a communist.  Yes, I’m serious.

Its purpose is to make people who call a snake a snake feel guilty and ultimately, to keep them quiet.  It has become another weapon in the socialist arsenal to silence opposition. I contend that accurately calling a snake a snake is not an offense, but a virtue.  Verbally abusing the snake for being a snake could be construed as shaming, but I was not abusive. I never said anything to make fun of her weight, and my post didn’t even mention her race.

Ever notice that the only people accused of fill-in-the-blank-shaming are conservatives?  Conservatives are easily silenced . . . well most of them, and I’m sure fill-in-the-blank shaming will work nicely for the Left.  But when was the last time you heard a leftist called a conservative-shamer (criticizing someone for the crime of being conservative), an America-shamer (deriding patriots or the United States.  The NFL likes to America-shame), an honesty-shamer (shaming someone for telling the truth), or a Christian-shamer (making fun of Christians)?  These are things the Left does every day, but no one says a word to challenge them.

I’m No Racist

No one who knows me, who actually knows me, will tell you that I am a racist.  My friends, including my black friends, were flabbergasted when they heard that I was being called a racist.  Yes I criticized a person who happened to be black, and it had nothing to do with her race, but the Left made it all about mine. 

Enter Lance Gooden

The Republican Primary is fast approaching.  Habitual virtue-signaler State Rep. Lance Gooden desperately wants to be reelected, but he has a problem: not one but two conservative opponents.

He has repeatedly lied to his district, telling them that he is a conservative when his voting record says he is not.  Grassroots activists have been diligent in exposing the contrast between his rhetoric in his district and his actions in Austin. This has made him very uncomfortable.

On the hunt for an issue that will sweep him into office, he foolishly stepped into the middle of this controversy, stating:

“Shame!” [Interesting choice of words] “As if the Kaufman County Tea Party’s criticism of our fight against Mesquite’s forced annexation wasn’t shocking enough, their BOARD MEMBER is now slamming a beautiful news anchor on one of the networks that has helped us keep our struggle in the headlines. I would like to invite [name omitted] to come out to Kaufman County and experience how civilized and pleasant 99.9% of us are.” St. Rep Lance Gooden (emphasis mine)

(I agree that the traffic reporter is attractive, I’m fine with Channel 8 covering the annexation, and if she wants to come to Kaufman County as Gooden’s guest, I’m sure she will enjoy herself, and I hope she does. Look for the local media to run a story on it.)

The Kaufman County Tea Party has always opposed the Mesquite annexation as it is currently being proposed, and Lance knows this. So what’s he talking about?

It was discovered-and the record shows-that Gooden had two opportunities to deal with the new annexation law during the regular Session, but did not saying, “It wasn’t on my radar,” probably because it wasn’t on Joe Straus’s radar.  As a result, it had to be addressed in the Special Session. Had it been up to Gooden, there would have been no Special Session (and therefore, no new annexation law).  But Straus’s coalition of liberals, of which Gooden is a member, forced the governor’s hand.

Had it been passed in the Regular Session, it would have had an effective date of September 1, instead of December 1, which has given Mesquite an EXTRA 90 DAYS to get around the new law. Has the additional time made any difference? Depends on who you ask, but one thing’s for sure: It isn’t helping.

Regardless, Lance does not want you to know that he dropped the ball and thanks to conservative activists, it’s public knowledge. This is the “criticism” of which he speaks, not the nonexistent “criticism of our fight against Mesquite’s forced annexation,” and HE KNOWS IT.

If Gooden didn’t care about it in the regular Session, why is he so interested now?  He’s running for reelection.  During the Regular Session, he had no opponents and the primary wasn’t on his radar.

How would a principled conservative representative have handled this situation?

First of all, he likely would have stayed out of it, even if-if not especially because—he was running for reelection. But, he could have chosen to release a statement that would go something like this: “Jan is a person who speaks her mind. I don’t agree with everything she says, but I support her right to say it because the First Amendment of the United States Constitution gives her that right, just as it does for everyone else in this great country. God bless America.”

Gooden chose another path. Missing from his statement is support for free speech, a hallmark of being American, especially here in Texas. Instead of behaving like a statesman, he behaved like an opportunistic politician. In doing so, he has aligned himself with the same Left who uses harassment, threats, and intimidation to silence anyone dares to disagree.

Rather than showing leadership and seeking to calm the strife, he fueled it and in the process, intentionally misled his district (again).

It’s not unusual for Gooden to openly side with the Left in Austin, but it is surprising to watch him do it in his district.  

“Shame!”? Yes, Lance, there’s plenty to go around—on my part, your part, and the part of your leftist allies.


Earlier I mentioned that someone else had called me.  Until I picked up the phone that day, I’d never heard of him or his radio station.  His name is Terance Jackson, he is a host on RadioTherapyShow.com, he’s black, and he wanted to interview me on the radio. I did not trust him because I did not know him.  But he took the time to talk to me and convinced me that I would be treated fairly.  I did the interview and was treated just as I was told I would be.  He told me things that I had never heard before.  I learned a lot and there’s more to come.

So what else have I learned? Some are new, and some I have had to learn again:

  • To think before I post.
  • That God loves the traffic reporter as much as He loves me.
  • To never watch WFAA again.
  • That I don’t ask for wisdom nearly enough.
  • To give thanks for everything.
  • That there’s even more that I don’t know than I thought.
  • That God would bless me by placing TeranceJ in my life at exactly right time.
  • That this experience would make me wiser and stronger.

The Left meant all of this for evil, but God meant it for good and it’s better than good. May the learning never end.

Jan Shedd


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