Are Gooden & Burkett Conservatives? You Decide.

Every two years since 2011, Dr. Mark Jones of Rice University has published a ranking of the liberals and conservatives that make up the Texas Legislature.  He uses “a Bayesian estimation procedure belonging to the family of methodological approaches that represent political science’s gold standard for roll-call vote analysis,” which means, among other things, that his study is not partisan.  

Each one is scored according their votes, not their rhetoric.

We in the Tea Party have found his analyses of our representatives and senators over the years to be remarkably accurate.  

There are 95 Republicans in the Texas House.  However, Professor Jones excluded Joe Straus because as Speaker, he does not vote.

So how did our State Representative Lance Gooden do?

He scored an embarrassing #89.  Out of 94 Republicans, he ranked 6th from the bottom.  This means that out of all Republicans in the Texas House, there are only 5 that vote more to the left than Lance Gooden.

What about Cindy Burkett?  She scored 28th from the bottom.  Better than Gooden, but not good.  Her name is surrounded by a who’s who of liberals with an “R” beside their name and found right next to one of the worst in Texas, Rep. Byron Cook.  

And in the Senate? How did Senator Bob Hall rank?  

Senator Hall scored 3rd from the top, meaning he is the 3rd most conservative senator in Austin. Not bad, not bad at all. 

Lance Gooden and Cindy Burkett both claim to be conservatives, but when you take a good look at their voting records–in an unbiased, scientific study no less–the ruse quickly falls apart. 

Kaufman County Tea Party

Don’t be fooled.  If you won’t believe the Tea Party, believe the science.

The Texas House From Left to Right

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