Liberal “Friendlies” Destroying Education but Want Your Vote

Former president of the United Federation of Teachers and the American Federation of Teachers

Mostyn front group, Texans for Public Education, is working to motivate their members to donate to, and volunteer to work for, people and organizations who support their agenda.  They have provided a list for their convenience, and it’s quite revealing.  It’s a who’s who of liberal groups and individuals responsible for our underperforming schools and sky-high property taxes to pay for it.

The late Steve Mostyn

WHO was Steve Mostyn and why should you care? He was known as the George Soros of Texas. For years, Mostyn was a Democrat trial lawyer who spent millions of dollars to turn Texas into a blue state.  He did it through front groups with innocent sounding names, such as:

  • Back to Basics PAC
  • Texans for Insurance Reform
  • Texans for Public Education
  • Texas Forward Committee
  • Valley Political Action Committee
  • Conservative Voters of Texas
  • Texans for Individual Rights


  • Texas Parent PAC

Congressional Candidate Lance Gooden

He also donated thousands of dollars to Lance Gooden when he ran for office the first time.  No surprise there.  Lance denies this, but we have irrefutable proof that he took money from Mostyn.  Is Lance Gooden a conservative? You decide.

When leftists talk about “funding education,” they aren’t talking about educating children, paying teachers, or funding classrooms.  They’re talking about funding administrators, AKA “Big Ed.”

Now take a look at some of the “friendly” organizations and politicians on their list who oppose education reform, parental rights, and accountability.  

Friendly Organizations

  • Texas American Federation of Teachers (Texas AFT)
    Teacher union
  • Association of Texas Professional Educators
    Largest teacher professional organization in Texas
  • Friends of Texas Public Schools
    Focuses on celebrating public schools rather than reform
  • Pastors for Texas Children
  • Texas Parent PAC
  • Texas State Teachers Association
    Associated with NEA,* largest teacher organization in the US.

Friendlies in the House (See any familiar names?)

  • Gary VanDeaver
  • Dan Flynn
    HD 2. Incumbent.
  • Cecil Bell
    HD 3. Incumbent.
  • Lance Gooden
    HD 4. Incumbent.
  • Byron Cook
    HD 8. Incumbent
  • Chris Paddie
    HD 9. Incumbent.
  • John Wray
    HD 10. Incumbent.
  • Travis Clardy
     HD 11. Incumbent
  • Will Metcalf
    HD 16. Incumbent.
  • John Cyrier
    HD 17. Incumbent
  • Ernest Bailes
    HD 18. Incumbent. Sponsored Drink Big Red for Ed at rally.
  • Ron Reynolds
    HD 27. Incumbent.
  • Oscar Longoria
    HD 35. Incumbent.
  • Sergio Munoz, Jr.
    HD 36. Incumbent.
  • Rene Oliveira
    HD 37. Incumbent.
  • Armando Martinez
    HD 39. Incumbent.
  • Terry Canales
    HD 40. Incumbent.
  • Bobby Guerra
    HD 41. Incumbent.
  • Richard Pena Raymond
    HD 42. Incumbent.
  • Donna Howard
    HD 48. Incumbent. Sponsored T4PE rally.
  • Gina Hinojosa
    HD 49. Incumbent.
  • Celia Israel
    HD 50. Incumbent.
  • Andrew Murr
    HD 53. Incumbent.
  • Trent Ashby
    HD 57. Incumbent.
  • DeWayne Burns
    HD 58. Incumbent.
  • D. Sheffield
    HD 59. Incumbent. Attacked by Empower Texans.
  • Alfonso Nevarez
    HD 74. Incumbent.
  • Mary E. Gonzalez
    HD 75. Incumbent.
  • Evelina Ortega
    HD 77. Incumbent.
  • Joe Moody
    HD 78. Incumbent.
  • Joe Pickett
    HD 79. Incumbent. 
  • Tracy King
    HD 80. Incumbent.
  • John Frullo
    HD 84. Incumbent.
  • Ramon Romero
    HD 90. Incumbent.
  • Nicole Collier
    HD 95. Incumbent.
  • Charlie Geren
    HD 99. Incumbent.
  • Eric Johnson
    HD 100. Incumbent.
  • Chris Turner
    HD 101. Incumbent.
  • Linda Koop
    HD 102. Incumbent.
  • Roberto Alonzo
    HD 104. Incumbent.
  • Victoria Neave
    HD 107. Incumbent.
  • Helen Giddings
    HD 109. Incumbent.
  • Yvonne Davis
    HD 111. Incumbent.
  • Philip Cortez
    HD 117. Incumbent.
  • Roland Gutierrez
    HD 119. Incumbent.
  • Barbara Gervin-Hawkings
    HD 120. Incumbent.
  • Joe Straus
    HD 121. Incumbent.
  • Ina Minjarez
    HD 124. Incumbent.
  • Justin Rodriguez
    HD 125. Incumbent.
  • Dan Huberty
    HD 127. Incumbent. Ed committee chair.
  • Alma Allen
    HD 131. Incumbent.
  • Gene Wu
    HD 137. Incumbent.
  • Jarvis Johnson
    HD 139. Incumbent.
  • Armando Walle
    HD 140. Incumbent.
  • Senfronia Thompson
    HD 141. Incumbent.
  • Ana Hernandez
    HD 143. Incumbent.
  • Mary Ann Perez
    HD 144. Incumbent.
  • Carol Alvarado
    HD 145. Incumbent.
  • Shawn Thierry
    HD 146. Incumbent.
  • Garnet F. Coleman
    HD 147. Incumbent.
  • Jessica Farrar
    HD 148. Incumbent.
  • Hubert Vo
    HD 149. Incumbent.

Conservatives seek reform.  They want to remove from public education the waste, fraud, and abuse that are costing our children their futures while demanding more and more of our hard-earned money.  They understand that teachers and classrooms are underfunded and that parents’ rights should be respected.  Principled conservatives will work to bring about the change that is so desperately needed, but they can’t win without you.  

We get what we tolerate.  Ever wonder why it never gets better? If we keep doing the same thing, (voting for the wrong people, or not voting at all) we will keep getting the exact same results: failure.  None of the above organizations are deserving of your support and all of the politicians listed should be voted out of whatever office they are running for. 

Kaufman County Tea Party
Updated on 12.19.17

 *The radical National Education Association (NEA) has spent decades sending the cost of public education into the stratosphere while obliterating quality. 

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