Kaufman County Tea Party Supports ‘Oust Straus’ Movement

It’s no secret that Speaker Joe Straus does not support the Republican Party Platform because it is the voice of the base, which is conservative.

There is no single individual who has caused more damage to this state than Speaker Straus.

The Kaufman County Tea Party has worked hard to remove Straus from his Speaker post since 2009.  However, his coalition of Democrats and liberal Republicans (the Austin UniParty), along with the massive amounts of money they attract, has made it very difficult to get rid of him.

Over the years, we have taken out a number of his liberal Republican lieutenants.  This will continue, but it’s slow going.

Enter the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Bexar County, Straus’s home district. They are fed up with his devotion to leftist ideology.   On July 11th, the Bexar County Republican Executive Committee met and voted 36-28 to pass a resolution calling for a change of leadership in the Texas House due to Straus’ failure to support the party platform.

Shortly thereafter,  the Executive Committee of the DeWitt County (also in Straus’s district) Republican Party followed suit.

The Kaufman County Tea Party heartily and enthusiastically endorses the actions of these two organizations.


Kaufman County Tea Party

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