Gooden’s Grade

Democrats make no pretense regarding their loyalty to socialism.

But if you are represented by a Republican, whether it be local, state or national, chances are excellent that he or she talks the conservative talk to the home folks, but sides with the Left more often than not.  Nowhere is this truer than in Austin.

It is safe to say that if a state representative is not a member of the Texas House Freedom Caucus, you should view their claims of conservatism with great suspicion.

An unbiased scientific study has been conducted by Professor Mark P. Jones. He has created a chart that rates each state representative as to just how liberal or conservative they really are.

He has been doing this for several years now, and we have found his findings to be remarkably accurate.

Where does Rep. Gooden fall on Dr. Jones’ chart?

He is rated a highly revealing 6th from the bottom, well below liberals Byron Cook, Cindy Burkett and even Jason Villalba of all people! Out of 95 Republicans, Gooden comes in at an embarrassing #89.

If the official House Journal record of Gooden’s votes hasn’t convinced you that he is not a conservative, if his unwavering allegiance to Speaker Joe Straus hasn’t convinced you, then perhaps Professor Jones’ study will.

You can love Gooden or you can hate him, but don’t call him a conservative.

(Red dots are Republicans, the blue dots are Democrats)  click image twice to enlarge

Mark P. Jones


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