Gooden “Responds” to Transparency Vote

On January 21st, we posted a report on a couple of votes regarding two transparency amendments proposed by Rep. Tony Tenderholt in the Texas House.  In the post, we conveyed that Rep. Lance Gooden voted against both amendments and we encouraged citizens to contact his office to ask him why.  As we said in the post if he is the conservative that he has always billed himself as, why didn’t he work with his conservative colleagues in the House instead of against them?

Rep. Tony Tenderholt

It is our hope that his office will receive hundreds of calls.  As it turns out, some of you have already made the call.

One caller reported that he was told that Rep. Gooden voted against the amendments because Rep. Tenderholt asked him to.   This is absurd.  Why would anyone submit an amendment, vote for it, and ask others not to?  Add to that, Rep. Tenderholt was contacted and denies that he ever asked Rep. Gooden or anyone else to vote against the amendments. Who would do such a thing?  It makes no sense.

Another caller has reported that Gooden’s staff told him that they didn’t know how he voted on the amendment, which could not possibly be true.  But for the sake of argument, let’s say it is true.  They need look no further than the House Journal for January 11, 2017, pages 139 and 142, to find Gooden’s name under the “Yeas” to table (kill).  Or they could have just asked him.

Congressional candidate Lance Gooden

If you contact Rep. Gooden’s office about HR 4 Amendments 6 & 11 and would like to share the response you received, feel free to use our Contact Form.

Austin is a deep and dirty swamp, and nowhere is it deeper or dirtier than in the House.  Making the doings of our elected representatives more open would drain some of the carrion.  Had they passed, these amendments would have done a world of good.

Rep. Gooden needs to address this issue personally.  We hope he does, and soon.

Kaufman County Tea Party
January 28, 2017

Contact Rep. Gooden

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