The “Constitutional Christian CONSERVATIVE” Deception

The 2016 Republican Primary did not go well for the grassroots here in Kaufman County.  Most of the conservative candidates either lost outright or came in second and are in the runoff.  They are not expected to win.

There are several reasons that we did poorly this time.  One of the biggest reasons was the fake voter guide that was sent out to voters all over Henderson and Kaufman Counties.  Because of its success, fake voter guides are likely here to stay, so let’s talk about it.

In the center of the cover panel are the largest letters on the page which state, “Constitutional Christian CONSERVATIVE Voter Guide.”  All of the statewide and local races were listed except the race for president. It is interesting that they left that one out.  This is most likely because the candidate they would have chosen would have been John Kasich or Marco Rubio.  Because these 2 are well known for supporting things like Common Core and open borders, their inclusion in the guide would have blown their claim to conservatism wide open.  

They oppose our beloved Senator Ted Cruz just as they oppose all real conservatives.  One indicator is found in the picture below where Carteler Lance Gooden, or one of his employees, placed a Lance sign directly in front of a Ted Cruz sign:

On a Cartel Facebook page, there is a link dated March 3rd which claims that Ted Cruz is about to drop out of the presidential race.  This report comes from Infowars, the same source responsible for the Jade-Helm hoax.  The Cartel so despises the only qualified Christian conservative in the presidential race, that they can’t help themselves.  

To convince people that their candidates were Christian, they included 3 references to religion, all of which were designed to mislead.  One was “In GOD we TRUST.”  There is little room for God when He has to compete with power and money.  You might trust in God, they do not. 

The second & third reference is the scripture found in II Samuel 23:3 which states that those who rule over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.  If these people had any fear of God, they wouldn’t be using scripture to deceive people into thinking that they are something that they’re not.  Whether or not any of them are true believers, I cannot say.  That is between them and God.  But if you follow the advice found in Matthew 7:16 – 20, you have to seriously call into question their claim of Christian faith.

There could well be true believers who are members of the Cartel.  To those individuals, I would suggest a prayerful reading of II Corinthians 6:14 – 17.

On the mailing panel, in the return address section, it states, “Political Advertising Paid for by Conservative Republicans of Kaufman County PAC.”

Who are the Conservative Republicans of Kaufman County?  Sounds like a group of people who have come together to promote conservative Republicans for public office.  Do they host meetings or sponsor events?  Do they have a website? Well, not exactly.  

I looked and can find nothing about this mysterious group except the financial report they submitted to the Texas Ethics Commission, as required by law.  Their report lists five entities.  Their treasurer is a Terrell RINO.  The other four are as follows:

  • The Texas Deer Association in Austin contributed $3000 of their members’ dues.  Inquiring minds are wondering what interest an out-of-county organization that bills itself as a “unified voice of deer enthusiasts” has in local elections in Kaufman County.  I can understand their interest in the statewide races, but why here?  TDA members should demand an explanation.
  • Ronald Hamilton from Frisco. He owns Southwest Crushing in Mesquite. He contributed an in-kind donation worth $3000.
  • Next is Keith Thompson of Kaufman. He contributed $6,500 in-kind.  He was later rewarded with a front-page headline in the local paper about his business moving out of Kaufman.
  • Lastly, Document Management Pros of Carrollton contributed $3000.

I can appreciate people who live here (two of the five) having an interest in local races, but why the others? 

RINOs are not with us, and they aren’t for us.  They run on lies and money but if you pay attention, they will tell you who they really are. 

The money donated for the fake voter guide is but a fraction of their investment in controlling this county.  There is nothing the RINOs won’t do to acquire and retain power.  If the grassroots want to regain control of their local government, they will have to step up in much larger numbers and get involved.  Think of it this way:

You can 1) work with and contribute to the Tea Party or 2) you can continue to underwrite government waste, corruption, inefficiency, and incompetence.  The first is voluntary, the second is forced.  Both involve sacrifice. 

Conservative apathy has created a void that will always be filled with the worst of the worst.  We can’t change bad people into good.  We can only change ourselves.  If we want our land to be healed, we must step up and work to change it. Until then, we will have a very expensive government that will continue to feed on taxpayers’ salaries.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  It’s up to you.

Jan Shedd



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