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This is the third and last installment of Dr. Hotze’s research from 2014 on Lance Gooden:

Somewhere between hobnobbing with rich contributors and passing legislation for them, Gooden also manages to find time to hang out with lobbyists. 

Dean and Andrea McWilliams are one of Austin’s highest paid lobby teams, raking in millions each year.  For Andrea’s 40th birthday, they threw a party in August 2012.  It wasn’t the homemade-birthday-cake-with-candles kind of party most people are accustomed to.  This grand event required a year of professional planning and was held in the heart of California wine country.  It was an opulent all-day affair.  Guests dressed in white clothing, sleek chauffeured vehicles escorted them to and fro, a fashion show was staged, a well-known rapper provided one of the many other entertainments, and plenty of couscous and amuse bouche to go around. “The guests were so important to McWilliams that she had a Little Black Book of the bios that guests sent in so that everyone was aware of whom they might see.”

KVUE News in Austin reported on the event because Mr. and Mrs. McWilliams had improperly listed the amount they spent on legislators who attended.   One of those legislators was Lance Gooden.

KVUE’s report said Gooden and 5 other legislators attended the event, including Rep. Jim Pitts, Rep. Bryan Hughes and Sen. Dan Patrick.  They also reported that Hughes was the only one willing to go on camera and answer their questions.  When discovered and exposed by the investigative reporter, Gooden refused to be interviewed or to comment.  According to the news station, McWilliams and their clients have donated over $200,000 to the six elected officials who attended the party. 


Simply put, Gooden is nowhere close to the leader he says he is.  His record does not back up his rhetoric, a fatal mistake in a public candidate if he gets caught in the lie.  Gooden can rightfully (and righteously) be called to account for any of the issues included in this report:

  • Failing his constituents, allowing good legislation, it was his duty fight for languish, while he rubbed elbows with “all the right people” in Austin.
  • Exaggerating his record and his own importance; taking credit for other people’s efforts. Comparison of his high opinion of himself with his low performance for his constituents.
  • Flip-flopping on votes. 2nd highest number of journal changes in the entire House of Representatives.
  • Cronyism—special favors for big contributors and powerful lobbyists.

Lance’s cozy relationship with lobbyists has been a concern to grassroots activists for some time.  We suspect it has much to do with why he won’t release his tax returns.

Haven’t we had enough of this stuff?  Do we want our country back or not?  On Tuesday, don’t vote for another greedy, narcissistic politician who wouldn’t tell the truth if you paid him . . . well, maybe if you paid him.

Vote for a fellow citizen, a doctor with a real job and an address where he really lives all the time, not just when he’s running for office: State Representative Dr. Stuart Spitzer.

Jan Shedd
Kaufman County Tea Party


Congressional Candidate Lance Gooden

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