2016 Candidate Endorsements for November 2016 Election

Patriots, it’s that time again!

Taking time to vote is both a privilege and a duty.  Texas has one of the lowest voter-participation rates in the nation.  If we are to reclaim our country and its Constitution, this must change and soon.

We recommend that you not take advantage of early voting unless it is your only option.  According to Texas Election law, all early votes are to have a backup record.  This law is currently not being enforced, making early voting subject to tampering.  Nevertheless, if voting early is your only option, VOTE EARLY.

Reports are coming in from all over the state, including here in Kaufman County, that straight Republican votes are being counted as Democrat by the voting machines.  None of these reports have been verified.




Actions for Texas Voters to Take When Electronic Voting Summary Screens Show Vote-flipping from Trump to Hillary


1. Do not press the red “Cast Ballot” button on the bottom left of the machine until you are sure your votes are right.  The last screen you see is a “Summary Screen” that should reflect every vote you cast. Review every vote on that screen.  Almost any issue can be fixed as long as you haven’t hit the red button. Once you press the red button, your ballot is cast whether it is what you intended or not, and there is nothing anyone can do to change the way you voted.

2. If anything is wrong, call the election judge and show them what has happened. Stand at the machine until they come to see what is occurring. Do not walk away to get help.

3.  Take with you something to write on and a pen. Write down the machine number, date, time, polling location, who you spoke to, and the actions taken.

4.  Call the Texas Secretary of State’s Office (1-800-252-8683 ) to report the issue and fill out their complaint form.

5.  Call the Texas Attorney General’s Office and follow instructions
(512) 475-4413).  Prepare a signed, notarized affidavit of your experience. Send the affidavit to Attorney General’s office (PO Box 12548, Austin, TX 78711-2548) 

6.  Please contact us and let us know about your experience.

It is legal to take this list with you into the voting both, and we recommend it.


The following are our recommendations for the November 8th Election:  (contested races only)


U.S. President                                                 Donald J. Trump

U. S. Representative                                       No recommendation

Justice Texas Supreme Court Place 9            Eva Guzman

Justice Texas Supreme Court Place 3            Debra Lehrmann

Justice Texas Supreme Court, Place 5           Paul Green

Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2                 Mary Lou Keel

Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5                 Scott Walker

Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6                 Michael Keasler

Justice 5th Court of Appeals, Place 4             Lana Myers

Justice 5th Court of Appeals, Place 7             David John Schenck

Railroad Commissioner                                    Wayne Christian

State Board of Education, District 9               Keven Ellis

Kaufman County Fresh Water Supply District No. 4-A

Proposition 1                                                       No*

Proposition 2                                                      No*

Voter ID Law

Don’t Get Lost on Your Way to Vote!

Election Day Voting Locations


*We have spent a considerable amount of time researching and making phone calls, trying to get information about these propositions, with no success.  Whoever is responsible for putting the two Kaufman County Fresh Water Supply District No. 4-A propositions on the ballot in a very specific area in Precinct 2 has gone to a lot of trouble to keep it as secret as possible, and made it very, very difficult to find out who they are.  We suspect that this is yet another case of “Government by Developer” and $200,000,000 of debt will be decided by 7 people.  Austin is a smelly swamp that desperately needs draining.

If you have information about either of these propositions, please contact Jan at 972.932.7575.

Kaufman County Tea Party Steering Committee